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Not just 25!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Hello dear readers,

Let me begin with few instances that unknowingly start occurring in our lives which might feel weird because it is new to us! I can give you few examples where you can relate yourself hard. You are lounging on your sofa with your favourite series and twirling your hands in your hair and notice that unwanted 'white hair'!! Or when you want that extra hour in the bed but the burden of rest of the day gushes in mind.

When you are hogging on your favourite snack and you slow down because you realise that your physical health is also an important resource now! A weekend starts feeling amazing when your home with your book and bed, instead of clubbing out!

In short, we are talking about the time, the age where birthdays are a little less exciting, where you have no choice but to be responsible! Where you are nowhere near, where you want to be in life! Its the beginning of a new smatter, calmer You and exit of the fragile impatient old You.

25 is the year to celebrate ! Yes, you have come a long way , but the real hustle starts now.

Self realisation knocks your door in many ways.By now you know that your well being is a priority.

Some may call it quarter life crisis, some may call it halfway to 50! But there is an undefining changes in us which certainly is beautiful. Wait, is this all sounding scary!? Alright, lets talk about this!

The new job the new experiences are overwhelming. You start buying things for yourself which u always dreamt of. Some would travel and explore new places, cultures and people

wondering how much unexplored things were in life. Some will make the most of their opportunities and go for higher studies. Lets not forget the shaadi business! Life might also make some of you turn into amazing husband or a wife and you start playing such vital roles in life that you never knew you could do. Well, all the above mentioned examples are not the only options for one to choose. You choose your paths, but do not blame 25! Instead just identify whats missing and go for it!

Till now there were hundreds of opportunities you considered to take, you try to take chance in every field you think you can do good ,but then in your early 20s you lack a little self confidence where you might hold on to things you wanted to do. I know confidence is not an every day thing but its good to work at it. In your mid 20s you steadily start getting the courage to take control of your life! Its gonna be a process, and you are not running out of time ! You have to embrace your pace. One day at a time!

One can be uncomfortable for taking doctors appointment alone or be scared travelling by yourself, but then its ok to be afraid because that is when we learn the most. Not completely but it is by now when you need to take full weightage of the decisions & the mistakes you make.

You'll notice that your relationships your friendships become limited , likeminded people with commonalties will attract your vibe. Self care becomes a part of regime, then it can be anything from getting a 10 mins power nap or cooking a healthy meal for yourself. Accepting and loving your body, your skin colour, your weight ,your acnes is one of the best gifts you give yourself.

You don't have to keep it "all figured out" always! Its not necessary. Sometimes you just have to appreciate where your'e at. Times might be easy or hard but every bit of it counts.

So, dear readers whether you keep a 5 year old plan right from since 25, how long will it sustain!? Unexpected things (pandemic) can of course knock the door anytime, and that was certainly not in the plan. We never know what is waiting for us, so what is guaranteed is today! 25 is just the beginning of many new things in life! Pressuring yourself to act like an adult will take you towards anxiety and doubts! Nah! don't do that to yourself!

You have reached till here with a lot of falls, exams, rejections, pressures, heartbreaks, anxiety and yet nothing has stopped you. What possibly would you fear now!? You just have to make sure your self belief is intact in every decision you make, in every path you choose!

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