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Hello dear readers,

Am quite certain that everyone at some point of time have been through a situation where someone has asked you if you are okay! And inspite of all the bursting feelings inside, you just answered with a forced smile saying "Yes! Yes I am okay! " Things might have come on the tip of your tongue but then you choose to stay quite!

As humans, we have the tendancy to keep things to ourselves. It is very natural to have highs and lows in life, it's just that we carry and portray our highs very well and we usually forget to acknowledge the lows of life! We don't keep open arms for our low moments in life. That is maybe because we are always bound to keep a happy face and keep others happy around us! Don't you think!?

We all have bad mental health days and times where we have no idea of what is going wrong. No matter how hard you try you can't seem to find positive and good around you. But thinking of what might others say we usually accept to pretend n keep wearing the "I am okay" hat! That's not done!

When we are carrier of all the emotions then why do we carry one emotion with all attention and run away from other emotion!?

Thereby dear readers, it is okay not to be okay! It is okay to have midday blues not just in the filters but also in real life ! It is okay sitting alone for sometime,it is okay to cry out loud ,it is okay to change to make a difference, to be there for yourself! It is okay and just fine to appreciate the sad ,low points in life and give it the time it needs so that it leads to balanced and better life .

  • You are allowed to feel it whatever it is that is bothering you.

  • You don't have to be ashamed or guilty of feeling bad or sad about something that doesn't makes you happy at all.

  • You can simply reach out to your list of persons who can make things better for you.

  • Most importantly you have to be kind to yourself at such times! Because if you look back you have come up through tough times and have been your own example!

My dear readers not only it is about the bad times ,but also about you being you! It is completely okay to have an opinion! To say NO when you think it's needed and so it is okay to be different and have different mentality!

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