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You V/s You

Hello dear readers,

This time we gonna talk about many things that you should consider for yourself! Things we often forget to take care of , things we don't want to mention about as there is not enough time, things we neglect due to circumstances, and the list goes on!

Do you know what is that thing exactly!? It is self acceptance self love self care!

Yes, dear readers this is something we all need to ask ourselves, that whether are you happy with who you are today!? As individuals we are bound to make others happy, even when sometimes we are not happy within ,due the choices we make. Making choices is the only true thing we all possess.

There are situations where we take decisions which we can regret later or simply blame others for it. Maybe it is simple that ways to escape the pain for making that wrong decision.

Sometimes you recognise yourself, you know your uniqueness, your ability to stand different than others, but the real struggle is when you have to decide whether to accept what makes you different from others or to hide in the crowd unnoticed! Well, in my case I always made a choice by accepting my strengths and standing apart from the crowd. One right decision for yourself, will make you happy immensely and gives you peace of mind.

Dear readers when I am saying about self love its not just about giving yourself a nice cup of coffee or heading to yoga every morning or reading a book in me-time! But its more of accepting the way you are and loving it no matter what!

It will start when you simply stop comparing yourself to others and start valuing your worth.

Others opinion shouldn't matter if your mind has already taken a decision. Remember your strongest friend is YOU and your worst enemy is YOU!

Your decisions your choices will make the way for you, so one should be always open to make mistakes as well. Because its going to be fine at the end, your mistakes will help you to overcome and make you move head stronger. Trust yourself more then anyone else. Processing your fears will gradually make you fearless.

Your value does not rely on the way your body looks. You have to stop feeling inadequate in any way, dressing will add on only if you love your personality first. And lastly, don't be afraid of getting rid of toxic people in your life. Just protect your energy, its not wrong to remove yourself from situations or people who are trying to drain you.

Dear readers, you can be weird ,you can be crazy, imperfect, fun loving, but you need to be you!! Don't let that spark fade away! These are the little things which would surely leave big changes in your life for better peaceful living. Put yourself first, I know this is a little difficult but just try to consider yourself by keeping aside all the self doubts.

And so the chaos, the never ending hustle , the competition all resumes, you just have to comeback stronger making sure your heart is happy, because at the end of day its You v/s You!!


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