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Living in Procrastination!

Hello dear readers,

It has indeed been quite a long time since I wrote my last blog! Well technically they call it writers block! But I will shamelessly call it my laziness! We all want a right time to do things , we wait for "the right moment "to start . But do we really know when is the right time to actually start!? And "one eternity later!" we are still waiting for it!

Recently, I read a line that says 'you think you have time, however the only thing you don't have is time! And you know who is that thief of time? Its a pretty word with pretty big effects.

Procrastination!!! It is a nation in disguise where we all live unknowingly! Haha!

So, dear readers procrastination is an impulsive act, it is a trap. It is when you don't know how you want to do something or when do you want to do something. It is simply putting things off and keeping it for later! It is delaying one task in favour of working on another.

We think that we can finish the task at the last minute but boom! we never even put an initiative to start it at first place and later we begin to feel guilty about it.

Well, all these circumstances are quite obvious. And it can happen with anyone, whether it is a teenager who procrastinates to finish the homework later or an adult who puts off an important task due to fear of failing at it or due its complexity, ignoring household chores, etc can have major impact on our life's.

As individuals we are scared sometimes to accomplish certain task. What if i fail? What if I succeed? What if I have to face rejection? These thoughts don't allow us to see the other side of ourselves, leading to procrastination.

We start prioritising by taking up easier work first keeping the important ones for later. By doing so we forget its consequences and pile up the work making it more difficult to manage later. Yes, dear readers all these does make an impact on our lives by having poor time management skills and also affects our personal, mental health ,social and professional life. Procrastination is the quality that is created due to anxiety in our minds due to over stress and then we tend to shift that stress into something that is fun or which doesn't take any stress!! And then the rest of the time is just gone!

  • We can recognise the signs of procrastination by resisting the urge to procrastinate by staying few more minutes on the task.

  • We can eliminate the distractions like social media or anything that is making us shift the focus.

  • A to-do list can certainly help us to keep a track.

  • Also we should make it a point to appreciate or treat ourself after concluding any small or big task which will keep us encouraged.

Dear readers , we humans are simple. If we like a certain work we will prepone it or finish it off, if we don't like a specific work we will postpone it! But life doesn't always work like that. It will come with its warranty card afterall. You have to make most of it! And Procrastination definitely should have no place between you and your goals! Make sure you put minimum time Procrastinating and maximum time Progressing!

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Unknown member
Jan 16, 2023

Nyone who has the habit of snoozing their alarm should give a try reading it.


Jan 16, 2023

Such a good read.. I today found the word for my wierd procrastination. It's so real each sentence you wrote.. I can relate to..👌

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