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The stage is yours!

Hello dear readers,

Today am going to share with you about something which is gifted to me, which is my superpower.I am talking about the soft skills. All my school and college life I dedicated in other curriculum activities where I helped myself to learn more about soft kills and tried being one of the finest speakers among the students.

Participating in various competitions, be it elocution, debates, extempore or anchoring cultural events made me more n more confident! And trust me guys,that's the key! You have to step into it.. without knowing where it will take you.

You will either win or you will learn! But you won't FAIL.

Now let me not just write my story, but also give you some important points which will definitely help you to overcome your STAGE FEAR!!

  • Your Nervousness

  • Your confidence

  • Engaging your audience

  • Body language

  • Proactive

Nervousness!!! We have always gone through this.That constant cribbing we have in our in our mind 'whether I am speaking correct?' 'Am I looking good?' ' this is so much crowdy!'

All this is normal! But there is one thing , at that particular time it's only 'you' among 100/1000 people who have the guts to come up and speak. Nevermind if you don't speak what u prepared's only you who knows what will you speak next! So just go for it!!!

You just need a little faith in yourself and confidence level will automatically boost!

Important factor in public speaking is to keep your audience connected! Like 1) you can always put up a question which shows your interaction. 2) keep giving good examples related to the topic, don't just be theoretical.

Body language is again an important point to remember! Always remember.. people are more 'watching' than listening to you!!

Your gestures shouldn't steal your speaking skills instead it should help you look more confident!

  • Little hand gestures.

  • A straight firm body.

  • Little bit of walking.

  • A natural smiling face.

  • Eye contact

Dear readers, all of these points are from my own experiences.Not completely but it will help you somewhere in life.

Just keep reading more n more, speak up whether you right or wrong.

I hope and wish the next time you get on to that stage with a big smile and

The stage will be yours!!

Thankyou for your few minutes. Take care u guys.

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