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The forgotten times!!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Hello dear readers,

Just like last summers even this summers was namesake! We were again home ridden excluding all the summer perks, which also includes the favourite vacation trip. And just like that we have already finished 6 months of 2021!

We all have gone through so much during this pandemic. How extraordinarily the nature has treated mankind. We lost, we suffered, we fought, we survived. We literally started rebuilding our relations and reliving our old days ! Unknowingly life hit us hard and made us aware of the missing dots that we all left far behind in this race!

You see, the olden days would have been more peaceful, since that era din't have much of economic, social or political problems. But on the contrary today, we are expressive with numerous opinions, complexities of new lifestyles, attitudes, constant fear of being accepted, struggling to fit in and much more.

Life before was more content! There were little moments to be lived, memories were made to cherish than to just capture it still! People were appreciated for their being and not just for their service! Relations were as important as to give a call than to just send a watsapp message!

To value someone , to appreciate, to care, to love, to hold on are just maybe good words to read for now. Are we living it all!? or just finishing the innings one by one!

Its not wrong to say that right now we exist in a place with taller buildings but shorter temper!

Wider roads but narrow viewpoints! We keep on buying more for us but we enjoy less!

We have learned to rush but not to wait for a while! We are simply adding years to life but not life to years!

Ofcourse we are in this unstopping marathon of life, we are bound to responsibilities, limitations and hardwork. But lets not forget this few months of lockdown where we all loved the home cooked meal than the swiggy bags , the late night board games and gossips, the soothing me-time, the unexpected long talks with loved ones, the self-realization of keeping fit, keeping healthy because this was literally the survival of fittest! Things were definately uncertain but somewhere we lived it through out with faith, hope and togetherness. And this time to value, to care, to love were no more just words, but we actually felt it.

Dear readers, let this emotions instill in you till the end. Let there be more love and unity around you. With your loved ones beside, you can always be gratefull for what you have. Give more time to listen, give time to speak. You can continue running but dont forget to take a break and live!

We all are living in this new normal but lets keep that old school lives in us forever!

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