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Namaskara Bengaluru!!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Hello dear readers,

Last week I visited my sister in Bangalore .It was a short trip though just for two days . Let me tell you I don't travel much , just sometimes with my family.

So, this metropolitan city with a huge IT hub has a lot to offer. So I utilised my time in going to some happening places there .Well obviously like every girl I landed up to places where I could shop more n count less money !!

Your not talking about the malls here.

Am going to tell you about these places in Bangalore where u can shop in your budget n get back home with happy faces!!

A good shopping spree needs a good filled stomach to bargain !!( Haha! I mean it )

So first I went to this famous south indian munching place called CTR .

The ultimate dosa n idli there were to die for!! And trust me people in Bangalore are 24hrs ready to dig on dosas !! Not to forget how I loved to finish it up with the famous filter coffee !

So ab 'pet bhar chuka hai' and let's move to the places I wanted to share to you all!

I first visited to Safina plaza and then the Commercial Street.

My shopping experience at safina plaza was very much satisfying!

There are these sellers from different states who showcase their part of India! It included kashmiri shawls to Bengali sarees.

The home decor items,artifacts, will also pull your attraction! Ofcourse not to forget the accessories n jewellery stalls !!

Every city has its street shopping hub so here in Bangalore the Commercial Street is nothing less! Clothing, shoes, jewellery and the list goes on and on. You name it and you have it.

So my dear readers if you are in Bangalore and love shopping after eating of course! you must consider your visit to these places. Let Bangalore be there in your go-to list sometime,am sure it will be worth it!

Thank you for your few minutes. Have a good day guys.

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