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She's a 2021 millennial!!

Hello dear readers,

Just another day of April summers,I was scrolling my social media and while going through it, I saw how beautifully, productively and amazingly social media has changed the women's life out there.

It is not wrong to say that approximately some 5 years ago women were all engaged in their day-to-day life's as an employee, as a teacher, or a housewife. But now in the era of social media every women has a story to tell!

And this was so thought provoking for me to write about. One women giving strength to another through this platform. Isn't that just wow!

This content creating platform is letting women expand their social opportunities there-by setting up trends.They can learn ,they can entertain, they can teach.

They are now self-employed. Acknowledging folks regarding lifestyle, fashion, cooking, travel, beauty, mental health and the list goes on. Women's freedom of speech has got this new dimension where they don't have to wait for any authorities concent. They have started loving themselves or just to say simply accepting themselves the way they are and influencing people through their skills. Whether a little reel, a tweet, or an Instagram post they are trying to fit in the buzz.

While all these enthusiasm seen in women, there are certain issues that try to cut down their wings. Yes! You got me right I am talking about internet gender-based violence that affects women's freedom of speech. We have usually seen online harassers tend to target people who think a little differently from the existing traditional mindset.

It is also seen that this negetivity on social media can have significant pychological and economic impacts on those who depends on it for an income.

Nevertheless we can learn through the celebrities, how to cope up with the trolls and move on with same zest. And as they say every coin has two sides, people on social media are free to discuss anything and everything about the issue. It's just on us how we manage to take things without disturbing our mental health.

So dear readers, social media is definitely a boon for today's generation! We just need to use this platform for self building, for self growth, and for influencing people in a right manner. So let your talent and internet come together and create fabulous content and make you believe in yourself more and more.

Thankyou again for your few minutes dear readers.Until next time, you guys have a good day!

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