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Its chai time!!!

"whether positivi_tea or anxie_tea or curiosi_tea it should always be with a cup of tea!!" dont you think my dear readers!!?!

Well, hello there!! I hope this lockdown is helping you get the best and the worst in you.

And I suppose the before and after show time of your work is always a chai time!

I am a chai lover guys, no offence! coffee is also my relaxing partner but as they say chai is an emotion afterall. I used to wonder why do people call it an emotion, what was so interesting about it...! Maybe It all lies in those 5mins break we get after a tiring day ,or after some boring lecture, or simply after some household coarse or just because you dont want to do anything else but just give yourself that soothing sip and forget everything else.

I wasn't a chai lover myself, I remember how all my friends used to gather at any corner of the canteen have that glass of chai(popularly called cutting chai) in their hands and there we go,riots of of laughter and trolls and gossips!! So this was in my college days where I learned to enjoy the chai . Then onwards I just started finding reasons to take a break or just bunk the class to make that beautiful unknowing memory.

I started seeing that there are literally the types of chai!! Like the long travel train wali chai, the 5pm ghar wali chai, the night out cousins wali chai. We have different moods to deal but am sure different moods can be spent with chai!

Not only in India but I witnessed the love for chai in abroad aswell when I had been to berlin to visit my sister.There I went to grocery shopping near by, in a section they had kept different types of tea packets. And it was funny to see celebrity Aishwarya Rai's picture on one of the tea box just to show that was Indian!! and being Indian It was all for me to buy it without even trying to translate what was written in German. I was just happy to know that I am going to have a tastefull cup of my tea once am home. That moment was very small but worth to let me know that chai is an emotion afterall! and made me miss my ghar wali chai.

Let me also mention that here in India chai is a part of every situation.

The sweetness of every occasion is leveled up with chai and also the bitterness of any tough situation can be handled by chai. It connects people, it makes discussions meaningful, it releases your stress. You can always kickstart your day with a good cup of chai and let the positivity gush inside you and make you believe in yourself and in your work for the rest of the day, inspite of this unfortunate pandemic.

So dear readers today on International chai day I would also mention, that some of you may not be a chai person, but am sure your close ones among friends & family have many times insisted you to join the group! May be this time you can give it a try and you might not hate it !

Until next time, stay safe and take care you guys!!

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