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Are you a plant parent!?!

Hello dear readers,

Everyone has their routine simplified. And with the routine I also mean people have their me-time sorted. So usually ones me-time can include binge watching, listening to favourite music while cleaning that messy corner of the room or simply some quality time with family and friends.Well, there is one such thing that includes in my me-time, that is gardening! or you could say planting these saplings gives me immense peace and happiness.

Growing plants isn't a one day show of course! The plants become your children automatically.

you nurture them, take care of them. One thing it definitely teaches you, that is patience!

That excitement to see your plant bloom, grow beautifully will count your patience.

There is this sense of of wonder, gratitude and appreciation for the little miracles evolving naturally around you.

Its just the little time you give it to your self once in a day or once in a week. A beautiful love-love relationship is built between you and your plants which is worth your time.

So dear readers, I shall just suggest you to be a plant parent for your peace of mind ,for your beautiful surrounding and of course for giving you a pollution less clean pure breathing.

As I said your me-time can be about anything, let gardening be a part of happy hours.

Thank you for your few minutes. have a good day guys.

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